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Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we provide software solutions for the banking, education, and business sectors.  We are the industry leaders, providing our customers unparalleled quality at unbeatable prices.

We develop the applications we sell

Our drive is geared towards delivering locally developed solutions with world-class technologies. 

Core Banker

This is a cloud based core banking application written in JAVA to power financial inclusion for the unbanked.

USSD banking

The USSD banking menus bring banking closer to the people answering africa's lack of connectivity to financial service

Core ERP

This world class ERP delivers robust SME management to the cloud with end to end business monitoring.

Digital Field applications

We provide core banking services to the field officers to serve customers onsite and offsite hence the power of inclusion

Powering digital solutions in Africa

Digitizing Africa has enormus reward

“Africa possesses a youthful technology hub brimming with untapped talent and potential, although technology adoption remains relatively low. This presents an excellent opportunity for initiating digital transformation and technological advancement.”

Guchie Francis

Our Approach

We partner with Apex Institutions.

To support our long-held vision of supporting digital inclusion in societies, Guchietech partners with apex bodies like associations, regulators and funding agencies to deliver tested & quality cutting-edge applications to their member institutions.

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Latest Projects

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Consultancy at AMFIU

Developing the new performance
Monitoring Tool (PMT).

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Deploying Core Banker

Deploying core banker MIS to Liberation
Community finance LTD.


Consultancy at Credify

Developing the integrated logistics management platform

Our Company

Dedicated to revolutionizing the African financial landscape.

With over a decade of expertise in the field, Guchietech has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of core banking applications across the African continent.

We blend technical expertise with a keen understanding of local market dynamics to deliver tailor-made solutions that drive efficiency and innovation in the financial industry.

General Questions

Our team boasts over two decades of proven expertise in the technology field, proficient in more than 30 technology stacks, ensuring the highest quality for our valued customers.

We have delivered our solution to over 30 institutions accross Africa servicing over 150,000 customers

Yes, Guchietech is licensed under the city operator license, regulated by NITA Uganda, and a member of the Association of Microfinancial Institutions in Uganda.

Case Studies

Blue diamond


Blue Diamond Microfinance is a microfinance institution bosting over a huge portfolio of day-to-day borrowers with agile management techniques, tested and implemented by our systems to power their lending methodologies.

Credify Africa


Credify Africa is a digital Freight forwarder with end-to-end digital management solutions supporting operations across the continent with client-centered applications and workflow management all powered by our solutions.

Developing AMFIU's E-Training platform

Impact, challenges and lessons learned

Development of AMFIU's Performance Monitoring Tool

Impact, challenges and lessons learned​

We are trusted by more than 10,000 clients

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